Ian + Emily // Summer Wedding

Ian + Emily // Summer Wedding

So if you ask me, Ian and Emilys wedding day was literally the best ever. These two are so laid back, and so fun to be around! Not only was every single detail of this day gorgeous, but so was their entire wedding day that was filled with so much love and joy!

The coolest thing happened at the reception. Once we arrived, everything was perfect…until the power went out. And then it got more perfect.. is that a thing? haha. For the first dance, we had all of their friends and family light their cell phones, and hold them up! It was THE most romantic thing ever. And honestly one of my most favorite moments I’ve been able to witness during a wedding day. Plus, it made for some bomb photos. And Ian and Emily were so happy to just be with friends and family regardless of if they had power or not. It really was the best day ever.

Ian + Emilin, thank you both so much for allowing to be apart of your wedding day! It was truly an honor!

Much love,