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Patrick + Brittney // Fall Wedding

Veronica YoungComment
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B + P wedding teaser

Ill be honest…Brittney and Patricks wedding was one I had been looking forward to ALL year…for lots of reasons. But one of them being that we have known this couple, and Brittneys family for awhile! And when I say that these are the most amazing people.. I really mean it! Another reason is that, it was basically a family reunion. haha My past couple Rosie + Stephen were there!! and I just adore those two! And a couple other clients of mine. It was a huge party that I was so glad to be attending. But really the biggest reason, is because these two love birds are just the best. Its impossible to not have a good time with these two! they are so much fun! And Brittney is incredibly kind and cares about everyone..literally. And Patrick is so easy going, and the way he looks at Brittney just melts my heart. They truly are made for each other!!

Brittney + Patrick, thank you both so much for allowing us to be apart of such a special day!! I miss you guys already!!

Much love,