Down to the Roots

Lets dig a little deeper! My approach as your wedding photographer is not only to capture your wedding day, but also capture who you are. It's not just getting the perfect pose or the perfect location. But laughing, having a good time, and capturing those emotions in that moment is what really makes it perfect-forreals. Cheesy but true! I'm not your fly on the wall photographer.  Im chill but instructive-socialable but quiet when I know magic is about to happen. I'm there to celebrate with you.

My business is about you. Serving you to ensure that you are beyond satisfied with your experience AND have gained a friend along the way. I don't take these opportunities lightly-trust is earned and I work very hard to earn it. So, I got you-this is a pretty big deal! Im going to notice the little things, i.e-hair ties on wrists and making sure the boutonnieres are straight. Down to the roots- there's nothing I love more, than having the honor of being apart of your day. (ok except maybe a good fish taco and a Marg)