I normally get at least 1 last minute wedding a year - and I can almost always count on them being a fav. If I remember right Elise's email to me said something like... "2 weeks away, yea I'm kind of freaking out lol" Dan + Elise had planned on eloping, but decided last minute that they would have a wedding here with their family. And I have to say, I'm obviously stoked they made that decision. haha. This is the very first time that I have shown up on a wedding day, not having met my couple yet. I had only had phone convos with these two, and just by those - I knew that I was going to love them. And yall... I was so right!

Dan + Elise had an incredibly cold BUT beautiful wedding day. The amount of detail they were able to put into this in such a short time was so impressive! These two are so kind and so sweet. And they had the best bridal party ever! Everyone was freezing, but they were total troopers..especially Dan + Elise! They totally killed their portraits!

I'm really not sure how I get so lucky. But Lord knows I am so thankful for these incredible opportunities! Dan + Elise, thank you both so much for choosing me to be apart of your amazing wedding day! Yall are so amazing!

much love,