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Traditional Country Fall Decor

Veronica YoungComment

So....I got a head start on fall guys. But I literally could not hold off any longer. lol. Fall is my FAV time of year. There are so many things I love about it, my wedding anniversary with my husband is in the fall, I love all the warm smells (bath and body candles-lets be real), I love the coffee flavors, my fall wardrobe, the crisp air...I could go on and on. But, I also love home decor. Other than photography; home decor is like my obsession. I get most of my style and inspo from "Fixer Upper" and the legend herself Joanna Gaines. So pairing my love for fall with the opportunity to decorate my house for this season is a match made in heaven. It has to be documented! haha

So I thought I would share what my home looks like for this fall. It pretty much changes every year. Let me know what you guys think. Its not perfect, and I'm sure it will change before October even get here, lol but this is it so far.

Much love,