Wedding Day Timeline - For Brides

Wedding Day Timeline - For Brides
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Lets talk about the Wedding day Timeline. I like to be invloved as much as possible when it comes to picking the times for certain things. The timeline and the flow of the day defiently has an impact on the types of images you will receive. So I wanted to give all you brides some tips when thinking about the timeline and how to make sure you get the most out of your photographer! here we go!!!


I like to get to the Brides location when you start with your makeup and/or hair. This gives me at least 30 mins to get all the detail shots out of the way. (this is also one of my fav parts!) There can be a lot of little details and items so its best to get this done before anything else-so nothing is in the way. Plus, Ill want to include things like your veil, shoes, rings, hair pieces, and tones more- but if your ready to go then that eliminates all of those items to be photographed. I tell my brides to have everything ready and set aside for me. Include things such as: Rings (bride & grooms), shoes, veil, dress, jewelry, perfume bottles, Invitation suite, an heirlooms you want photographed. That way everything is in once place, and I can do my thing without having to hunt all these items down ;)

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After the detail shots, comes the fun time with your girls. If you have super cute matching robes or shirts we will get shots of that! Ideally, we want a room with lots of natural light! That will make for the light and airy photo your looking for. ya know "pinterest worthy" Dark rooms are a no go. Most likely if thats our only option, thats totally ok-Ill make it work. Ill just take the ladies somewhere within the space that has natural light and we can do the photos there. But it just makes it easier to have everything in the same place.

After the photos with your girls-comes your bridal shots. This is the time that I like to have everyone scadadle out of the room and just give you some quite time...while i take your protraits lol. But on your wedding day, its always "GO GO GO" I like to have the bride in a chair and just take a breather-because HELLOOOO.. Your getting married today!!! Savor this moment! And this time is just great for your pretty bridal portraits with you all ready to walk down the isle.

This one is a doosy..


A first look isnt for everyone. And I realize that. But just take a minute and really listen to why I think a First look is the BEST choice... As I already mentioned, your wedding day is jam packed and your constantly on a timecrunch. Once you walk down the isle-you don't get to be alone with your sweetie until the very end of the night. The First looks gives the bride and groom the opportunity to spend a least a half hour together alone (and me of course haha) Its quite and intimate. Plus, you can get all the nerves and jitters out before you ugly cry down the isle ;) Logistically speaking-you'll also get more bride and groom portraits. Because then we save time between the ceremony and reception. And if we do have extra time-we will do more! Also, its really great to be able to actually hang out with your guests at the cocktail hour. Because most likely if you opt out of first look-all your photos are being done during the cocktail hour, and you dont get to enjoy that.


Wedding party photos take about a half hour. But make sure if you want to go to multiple locations you allow time for that. Also, if you are providing transportation for the bridal party, I would love to hitch a ride! Its so much easier for everyone to stick together! So, these can take place before or after the ceremony. Either way, I like to allow at least a half hour between wrapping them up and heading the the venue. We want to make sure everyone is on time and the Bride and Groom have time to be tucked away.

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If we can get the family formals done before the ceremony-I'm down for that. But most commonly these take place immediately after the ceremony. And these should only take about 30 mins. If everyone stays put and doesn't run off, I can knock these out pretty quick. HELPFUL TIP: provide a list of family members names and relations to the photographer. That way names can be called instead of "Jane's mom!" It way more personable and makes things go along pretty quick.


That means I need at least an hour and a half for Bride and groom portraits AND bridal party photos. I just like to make sure we aren't rushed.


Its party time people. I will want to arrive at least 15 mins before guests show up. The reason being, I want to get photos of the tablescape and the decor before everyone sits down. Plus I will need time to set up any lighting that I may need to use. HELPFUL TIP: Provide your photographer a timeline of when the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss is. Also, depending on the timeline of the day, If sunset is during the reception, Ill want to pull the bride and groom to get some sunset photos! It also always a nice little break for the couple!

I hope this is helpful! Planning a wedding can take a lot of time. So having a game plan and efficient timeline just takes away so many stresses!

Much love,