Where to even begin... Bri + Bryan are some of the kindest humans I have ever met, and so are their families. Just to put that into perspective for a quick sec; on Bri's wedding day her mom asked me twice if I was doing ok. (My dad was in the hospital, then later passed away the following week) On her daughters wedding day...she was concerned about me?! The Wingfields are so thoughtful and kind. Also, Bri texted me on her honeymoon to ask me how I was doing and let me know she was praying for me after my father had passed. I mean come on!!! I could honestly just burst into tears from all the love and support this family has shown me. But anyway....

When I walked into their church and saw the decor, my jaw dropped. It was literally unlike anything I have ever seen in my life! It was gorgeous! And Bri and her mom did EVERYTHING! It was a photogs dream!

Bryan is a huge baseball fan, so in the mix of all the sparkly champagne they made sure to throw some Cardinals baseball in there for him! They even surprised him with seats from the old stadium. Everything in this wedding was so thought out and planned to fit Bri + Bryan to who they are. And you guys, it was stunning.

A little peak into the back story of these guys. They have literally known each other their entire lives. They met in the church that Bri's father is now the pastor of. And Bri's dad said that he was pretty sure what when they were 5 Bryan already had a crush on her. lol They kind of have a fairy tale love story. uh my heart!!

I could honestly go on and on about these two. But Ill just let the pictures do the talking.

Bri + Bryan, I cannot thank you both enough for allowing me to be apart of this day. It was a huge blessing.

Much love,



Venue: First Christian Church in Florissant

Decor: Beth Wingfield

Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Wingfield

Menswear: Savvi

Food: Pizza Hut, Chic-Fil-A, Wedding Wonderland

Bridal Gown: Allure Bridal, Frews Bridal

Stationary: Minted

Photography: Veronica Young

2nd Shooter: Andrea Vehige