I have been looking forward to this session forever, its seems like. Anytime I get to photograph my couple around animals..Im down. Not to mention The Wock farm is gorgeous. Brads family owns it, and I am so grateful they invited me to over to hang out! You guys, Im not kidding when I say I think these two, and their families are the nicest people ever!

I love the city vibes, but the country really pulls at my heart strings. Theres really nothing like it. This session was def one for the books.. and whats even better - we get to come back on the wedding day!! EEEKK. Im stoked for it! Sometimes I still cant believe that this is my job. Its literally the best thing ever.

Brad + Krystal I am beyond thrilled you allowed me to capture these for you. I cannot wait until your wedding day! Yall are the sweetest!

much love,