One of the reasons why I love my job so much is because of the incredible people I get to meet and spend my time with. If it wasn't for this job and passion of mine, I probably wouldn't cross paths with some of the sweetest people ever. And Andy and Christina are exactly that!

I met up with these two last weekend for their engagement session! We started at Blueberry Hill, where they had their first date!! Then we headed over to Forest Park. And Forest Park in the fall..is just some sort of magic. I freaking love it!

Andy + Christina are so much fun! I literally had the best time with them! So many laughs! And Andy was such a trooper! I would tell them this was the final shot, we would start walking back, and then would be like "oh one more" lol so thanks for sticking with me guys and going along with all my last minute photo ops. Thank you both for spending your evening with me! I am so excited for your wedding day!